This blog is my attempt to share the work of this amazing herbalists with all who seek her. Julliette’s book “As Gypsies Wander” is a rare and hard to find account of the herbalists wanderings through Europe meeting with and learning from the Gypsies she encountered. Written in the 40’s and published in 1953, I can only find evidence of this first pressing so the number of books out there is very limited especially in the States.
When I first learned about this book I went out on the hunt to track it down. When I found it, I saw it selling for anywhere between $200-1500. Furthermore, my hunt in the California library system was difficult finding only one that was often checked out already. When I finally did get my hands on it, I scanned all the pages with the idea of turning it in to an ebook to share with the world.

As an act of love and devotion, I have decided to hand type out this entire book. I know I could just put out the scanned pages (as terrible as they are) but I want to do this right and I love the idea of re-reading the book on such an intimate level. This 300 page book will take me a while and after spilling the beans to a few fellow herbalists and seeing their excitement for it, I decided sharing the work as I type it out was the best course of action.
Every week I will post a new block of text from the book, including any pictures included in the page range. When I am finished, I will compile the book into an epub format and have it available for download right here on this blog.

I first stumbled upon Juliette De Bairacli Levy while browsing blogs about herbalism. Someone posted a short clip from the movie “Juliette of the Herbs” and I was hooked. There is something special about Juliette that draws people in and makes you feel as though she is an old friend and caregiver you have always and will always treasure.


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  1. I too have fallen in love with Juliette’s teachings and wonderful stories. I have been collecting her books for the pass two years. I just discovered As Gypsies Wander and was excited to get to read it. What a disappointent to learn it is impossible to find. No libraries have it. Thank You for posting some of it. I have enjoyed it so much. I wish the family would do a reprint of it. Thank you again.

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